I’m a certified Salesforce Administrator with 5+ years of experience in helping people use the platform to streamline enterprise business processes (certification #2227293). Demonstrating how technology can make our work lives easier makes me happy. I enjoy finding bugs, troubleshooting, and implementing solutions. Dirty data is one of my biggest pet peeves (tisk tisk).

I’m looking to work with quick, like-minded folks who also believe that ‘good things come to those who hustle.’ Sense of humor is a plus.

In my free time I enjoy running (26.2 x 2, 13.1 x 7), learning how to use my Canon DSLR, and traveling. I have a Pinterest board for everything. My next marathon is in October. #yolo.

Let’s chat.


christinechapa (at) gmail

linkedin/fb/twitter/ig: christinechapa